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Welcome to Extended Health. My name is Shirley. My husband and I became part of Extended Health after learning that the company was going to liquidate their products, which meant they wouldn’t be available any longer. At that time, I was working with a naturopath who had used the Heart Plus Detox Formula (formerly called Longevity Plus) for many years, so I knew how much it helped people. My husband and I felt that we couldn’t let the products die since they helped so many people.


I became interested in natural health when I found out I had many food sensitivities and the different effects they had on my body. In trying to clean up my body and be healthier, I had all of my mercury fillings removed and did a hair analysis test to determine if I had
any residual toxic metals in my body. My testing showed high in nickel which corresponded with a nickel filling that had been removed. After three months on the Heart Plus Detox Formula, my nickel level had lowered. I still take the Heart Plus Detox in a special protocol which works for me. My husband feels good when he takes the Detox, so he prefers to take it on a daily basis.

Because I have had many health issues and always look for clean simple products to help me, we want to do the same with Extended Health. We continuously strive to make our supplements clean and excipient free. One example of this is the PM Formula of the Heart
Plus Detox. Because of my many food sensitivities, I had difficulties taking the Heart Plus Detox Original Formula as it irritated my stomach. Since it affected me in this way, I had wondered if it did the same to others. After much research and consulting with professional formulators, we replaced the carrageenan with Guar Gum. This is now a wonderfully smooth formula!

For a period of time, we were unable to acquire the type and quality of clay that was in the original formula due to a world shortage of the product. During that time we used charcoal, which has been used for centuries as a detoxifier, however, the clay is available once again. We now have an outstanding manufacturer who also manufactures protocol products for the Gerson Institute, so I know I am getting the cleanest ingredients possible as their standards in quality control dictate.

We are committed to delivering these superior products accompanied by outstanding service. Our entire process is focused on quality, purity and results. Since this is the 20th year of the Extended Health brand, we celebrated by trademarking it and adding new
products. Along with the Heart Plus Detox Formula and Liver Support, I am excited to announce that we also have added CoQ10, Vitamin B Complex, D3+K2, Monolaurin and Vitamin Essentials. 

COST EFFECTIVE: Dawn Ewing, Ph.D., ND, from Houston Texas, Executive Director of International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine, and author of the book “Let the Tooth Be Known, Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?” uses Meridian stress assessment and labs with a post-provocation urine collection test for heavy metals to verify the absolutely fabulous results with patients using Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula (formerly called Oral Chelation) for removal of toxic metals, chemicals and build-up in the arteries. "It is cost effective and can be used as a person’s basic vitamins." drdawn@drdawn.net

                                                                                                                          - Dr. Dawn Ewing, Texas

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