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Liver Support 


Liver detoxification probably isn’t on your radar. It should be if you’re concerned about optimum health and wellness. Even if you’re as conscientious as possible about your health, your liver—one of the largest organs in your body and one of the most important—still has to work overtime to clean impurities from your blood. At any point in time, 10-15 percent of the blood in your body is in your liver being cleansed of impurities caused by smoke, alcohol and fatty foods.

If that weren’t responsibility enough, your liver also has to produce bile (an essential component in the digestion of fats and the neutralization of toxins), produce and stockpile glucose for quick energy, store vitamins A, D, E and K, metabolize alcohol, drugs and chemicals, support your immune system, and more.

Your liver, however, can’t perform these vital functions to the best of its capacity when deprived of the fuel it needs. And if your liver isn’t doing its job as well as it might be due to nutritional deficiencies in your diet, the toxins in your body are multiplying instead of being filtered out.

Your liver is sometimes referred to as the “engine room” of your body. It keeps your body functioning while combating invaders. We change the oil and filter in our car, truck or SUV to keep the engine running smoothly; however, we never think twice about taking care of the main filter in our own body, which is the liver.

The detoxification ingredients in Extended Health’s Liver Support ensure that your liver has the essential nutrients it needs for optimum health and function.  While many liver-support formulas contain silymarin, the antioxidant found in milk thistle, Extended Health’s Liver Support formula goes one better by combining a specific hybrid artichoke—a member of the thistle family and a powerful antioxidant in its own right—with sarsaparilla.  This creates a synergistic effect that supports liver function, liver health, and your overall health and wellness.



Heart Plus Detox Formula

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Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula works to promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, while also supporting increased blood flow.  This formula is designed to support the body’s natural process for eliminating harmful elements.  The two-bottle system contains nutritionally replenishing antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids, important enzymes, and nineteen phyto-therapeutic superfoods & herbal extracts.  Each 2-Bottle set includes one AM-Bottle and one PM-Bottle.  The set is purchased in 2-90 count bottles.

Our Heart Plus Detox Formula now contains 5-MTHF and methylcobalamin to help open the detoxification pathways that aid in the elimination of harmful elements.

Our Heart Plus Detox Formula contains powerful ingredients.

  • EDTA + 16 other natural agents that help bond with and remove harmful elements

  • 31 antioxidants

  • 16 vitamins

  • 7 amino acids

  • 3 enzymes

  • 19 phyto-therapeutic superfoods & herbal extracts

The superior benefits of Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula results from the synergistic effect of combining natural agents that help bond with harmful elements.  These natural agents include activated clay, certain bioflavonoids, chlorella, cilantro, CoQ10, garlic, L-cysteine, L-glutathione, lipoic acid, methionine, selenium, sodium alginate and zinc.

The addition of nutrients known to support liver function and detoxification also increases the effectiveness of our Detox Formula.  Antioxidants and essential nutrients enhance the detoxification process by replacing the small losses of beneficial minerals that are removed during the process.  They promote the healing of tissues and prevent free-radical oxidative damage.  The antioxidants in the Formulas help neutralize free radicals that are formed by a variety of oxidizing agents.  For this reason, our Heart Plus Detox Formula contains over 30 different antioxidants and can serve as a convenient, non-invasive, long-term health maintenance and prevention program for maintaining overall good health and wellness.  The gradual dosage delivery system significantly reduces the risk of side effects.  Our Formulas are safe when correctly following label directions.

Benefits of Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula:

  • Have been recommended by doctors for years.

  • Have a gradual dosage delivery system during the first month significantly reduces the risk of side effects.

  • Include ingredients that support the major detoxification pathways, (liver & kidneys) so that during the detox process everything runs smoothly; the body can get rid of those harmful elements without side effects.

  • Replenish the nutrient elements of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.

  • Have AM and PM components that are designed so that the detoxification and the nutrient restoration functions do not compete with each other.



“I have been taking the Heart Plus Detox Formula, aka, Oral Chelation for many years.  I used to experience a handful of hair falling out when I shampooed my hair.  After taking the detox for 30 days, my hair started growing again as did my nails.  I now have much thicker hair and even my hairdresser has noticed the difference.  In addition, my blood work for my annual check-ups is back to normal levels.”


                                                                                                                                  -Barbie M., Texas