What makes Extended Health's Heart Plus Detox so effective?

Each ingredient has their own special function, and with our proprietary formulation, their
synergistic affect is magnified.

Why don’t you carry the Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Any Longer?

We do not carry the Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula any longer because there was not a big demand for it. Our regular Heart Plus Detox Formula (the blue box) is hypoallergenic. The AM Formula comes in a vegetarian capsule whereas the PM Formula is in a gelatin capsule due to the ingredient EDTA.

Why would I want to take your products?

Extended Health’s dietary supplements are hypo-allergenic. We are committed to delivering
superior products accompanied by outstanding service. Our entire process is focused on quality, purity and health driven results.

I recently had all the mercury fillings removed. Will your product help me?

Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula may help in the removal of toxic metals. Your
healthcare provider can test you for any harmful levels in your body.

Why is your Liver Support so popular?

Extended Health's Liver Support only has only 2 ingredients that are very powerful; artichoke and sarsaparilla, and it also comes in a vegetarian capsule. Please visit the product page for more information.

"I am a veteran of the Vietnam War, and I visit the VA once a year for my annual checkup.  When the doctor told me that all my numbers were out of whack, I didn't want to take any prescriptions, so I went looking for IV Chelation since my dad used to do it.  After a few visits, my numbers were back to normal.  I thought I could keep up my lifestyle of partying, but my numbers again were out of whack.  My VA doctors wanted to put me on all kinds of medicine, but I wanted to do something different. Since all the doctors who did IV Chelation had left the area, I had to find something else.  After much research, I found Extended Health's Oral Chelation, which is now renamed Heart Plus Detox Formula. At the next visit to the VA, my doctor was astonished.  She asked me how I was able to get my numbers back to normal and told me there were better than when I first started seeing her. I have found that Extended Health's Heart Plus Detox Formula works just as good as the IV Chelation I had been doing and even better.  I am on a small dose of blood pressure medicine and this particular medicine causes me to accumulate fluid in my lungs, but as long as I take the Heart Plus Detox Formula, I don't get that build up in my lungs."


                                                                                                                                   -John C., Texas

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