Extended Health’s mission is to provide the best in natural dietary supplements and that help support health and well-being. We are committed to supporting health care providers as they work with patients by providing cutting edge natural products that go beyond the mainstream dietary supplements and health foods to address their needs.

Our natural supplements are produced in a facility that is GMP certified and complying with the highest in manufacturing standards. That’s why physicians and other health care practitioners have sold our product line to their patients for over ten years. Our certified organic products are carefully sourced through partnerships with local farmers around the world. We take all precautions needed to preserve nutrient content with minimal to no processing so that we deliver products with maximum health value.

But health is not just an individual state of being. We are committed to protecting the world we all live in. The products we offer are harvested or farmed in an environmentally friendly way without pesticides, and wild crafted ingredients are picked in native forests.

We are also committed to supporting indigenous farmers wherever we source products through fair trade practices.

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